Residential housing
Client: COEL & Cambs and County Dev
Location: Cambridge
Status: Complete

Swallow Gardens, Chesterton

Following a successful entry as part of a design competition, Saunders Boston Architects were commissioned to develop the competition design in preparation for a full planning application.

The scheme provides a mixture of two, three and four bedroom houses and the refurbishment of an existing building into a new retail unit with flats above.

Great care has been taken in the design so that it responds to a complex urban infill site with issues of overlooking, shading and protection of existing trees considered.

The design attempts to re-establish the historic built definition of the High Street with three large houses facing the road with detailing intended to complement the existing Victorian terraces adjacent.

Further into the site, a series of pairs of contemporary mews houses are arranged to create an inward looking semi-enclosed courtyard with buildings, parking and planting positioned to carefully control views.