Residential housing & apartments
Client: Campbell Buchanan
Location: St Neots, Cambridge
Status: Completed

Mixed tenure Residential Development

Saunders Boston Architects were appointed for both pre and post planning services.

31 high quality dwellings gained planning consent the first attempt. The scheme compromises 22 Private and 9 Affordable dwellings, ranging in size from 1 bedroom apartments to large 5 bedroom detached family houses. Dwellings are positioned around an on-site Public Open Space provision.

SBA assisted the client with their bid for Vacant Building Credit submission – the quantum of Affordable units was reduced due to the brown-field development where the proposed dwellings replaced a large industrial building that had been un-occupied for some time.

Sales of the private units have been an overwhelming success with the values achieved way in excess of those originally envisaged. 21 of the 22 private dwellings had been sold by August 2017 – many of these off-plan.

The Affordable units are due for completion in late 2017.

Saunders Boston has been appointed for further commissions by the client as a result of the success of this project.

Key Services carried out by Saunders Boston Architects:

  • Project feasibility
  • Planning consent
  • Technical delivery
  • Sales & Marketing information