Client: Cambridgeshire County Council/Kier
Location: Melbourn, Cambridgeshire
Status: Complete

Saunders Boston was appointed as lead consultants by Kier Construction on a D&B project to design and develop an extension to the existing Primary School in Melbourn. The development looks to increase the school from a 1.5FE to a 2FE plus additional Pre-school accommodation, to meet the additional need driven by recent and ongoing residential developments in the Village.

The proposed scheme provides 4no new classroom and their associated facilities, along with new small hall and additional pre-school room. The design links the 3 existing school buildings on the site to provide a fully joined up and considered solution while offering the school a greater compliance with BB103.


Internal remodelling and amendments to existing adjacencies result in the Library being located centrally, adjacent to the existing ICT suite, all of which will now be fully accessible without the need to go outside. A new staff room is also provided.


Architecturally, the primary extension links neatly off the rear of the existing Hall and Kitchen block, with a single storey mono-pitch mass, subtly nestling into the grounds and hidden behind main frontage of Mortlock Street. Relocation of the existing playground onto the playing fields will allow new provision of much needed staff parking area.

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